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Introduction to Power Integrity – Video

Steve Sandler of Picotest and Heidi Barnes of Keysight teach this short course on Power Integrity. This is part 1 (~90 min) as presented by Steve at EDI CON USA 2016.

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Fundamentals of Power Integrity – Part I –

Parts 1 and 2 comprise an abridged 2.5 hour version of the popular 1-Day Picotest Power Integrity Boot Camp. Power integrity is important to the entire system performance and consists of much more than power distribution noise. This short course provides an understanding of power integrity, why it is important, how to design for it, and it teaches techniques for high-fidelity simulation, analysis, and measurement. The goal is to enable you to better isolate, troubleshoot, and optimize power related issues. Sandler is the founder and CEO of, a company that designs and distributes test accessories related to power system measurement. He is the author of several power related books including his most recent book Power Integrity Measuring, Optimizing and Troubleshooting Power Systems. Heidi Barnes is a Senior Application Engineer for High Speed Digital applications in the EEsof EDA Group of Keysight Technologies.

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