Interview with PDN Expert, Steve Sandler

Published on June 5, 2020 by Ken Coffman Field Applications Engineer at Vicor Corporation Ken Coffman: Steve, first off, let’s discuss your latest book, Power Integrity using ADS. ADS is Keysight’s Advanced Design System. Literally, you could use any simulator you like. Can engineers who don’t use ADS get value from this book? Steve Sandler: Certainly! The book provides simulation details for ADS and includes the ADS Workspaces, but the procedures and workflow apply to many o

Webinar: Copper Mountain VNA Impedance Measurement for Power Distribution Networks

The instrument of choice for these impedance measurements is a vector network analyzer and the most common and highest accuracy measurement is the 2-port shunt through technique, using a 2-port VNA. The VNA offers the excellent dynamic range and also wide bandwidth. Unfortunately, the measurement includes a low-frequency ground loop that needs to be isolated. Watch the webinar: