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Why specialized PDN Cable® is Essential for your Power Integrity Impedance Testing

This short video discusses the feature set your cabling needs to get PDN impedance measurements correct. A coaxial instrument cable must do five things well: Accurately get the signal from the source to the instrument without distortion Provide the lowest possible cable shield resistance to minimize ground loop errors Maximize the shield attenuation to limit noise Be ultra-flexible so as not to rip the capacitors off the board Support environmental qualification testing Along

Webinar: DC Biased Impedance Measurements

From OMICRON Lab: “The Impedance of real-life components is often non-linear, depending on the applied DC bias voltage or current. In this webinar, we show techniques on how to measure capacitors under DC bias voltage. In addition, Steve Sandler from Picotest will present how to precisely measure inductors with DC bias currents up to 125 A.” #j2102b #groundloop #design #inductor #spicemodelling #J2113A #2portshunt #capacitors #ripplemeasurements #webinar #j2121a #j2131a #3por

Video: Steve Sandler from Space Shuttle to Power Integrity Bootcamp at DesignCon 2020

“The very first project Steve Sandler, Managing Director of Picotest, worked on, was the space shuttle—and this was just the beginning of his fascinating career in power electronics! Steve is an expert in power integrity solutions, measurement products, services, and training. Join us as he shares his world-renowned expertise on test measurement of signal & power integrity, and EMI, and elaborates on his vision for the future of PCB Design. Steve also shares some of his rich

Webinar: Copper Mountain VNA Impedance Measurement for Power Distribution Networks

The instrument of choice for these impedance measurements is a vector network analyzer and the most common and highest accuracy measurement is the 2-port shunt through technique, using a 2-port VNA. The VNA offers the excellent dynamic range and also wide bandwidth. Unfortunately, the measurement includes a low-frequency ground loop that needs to be isolated. Watch the webinar:

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