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Video: Steve Sandler from Space Shuttle to Power Integrity Bootcamp at DesignCon 2020

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

“The very first project Steve Sandler, Managing Director of Picotest, worked on, was the space shuttle—and this was just the beginning of his fascinating career in power electronics! Steve is an expert in power integrity solutions, measurement products, services, and training. Join us as he shares his world-renowned expertise on test measurement of signal & power integrity, and EMI, and elaborates on his vision for the future of PCB Design.

Steve also shares some of his rich knowledge of voltage regulation, and gives us his take on low-frequency noise. Watch or listen, as we discuss his upcoming role at DesignCon 2020, what he’s up to now, and his new book, “Power Integrity with ADS” (available now). If you’re heading to DesignCon 2020, you might be one of the lucky attendees to receive a free copy!”

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