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Test Training Available from Picotest

Did you know Picotest has published a variety of training aids for engineers looking to learn power supply and power integrity testing methods?

This includes test boards, parts kits, online video courses, and a Test Training Exercise Booklet.

The Picotest Power Supply/PI exercise training booklet is an adjunct to the class we offer:

It is available in electronic PDF format at no charge:

It is utilized with the following products:

The Booklet steps you through all the key tests; teaching you how to make power supply and power integrity measurements including the popular Bode plot, PSRR, 2-port impedance, and TDR PCB impedance.

Setup files are also available:

OMICRON Lab Bode 100 setup files

Bode Setup Files
Download ZIP • 3.59MB

Tektronix MSO6 setup files

MS06 Setup Files
Download ZIP • 39.21MB

The Table of Contents is shown below:


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