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Troubleshooting Distributed Power Systems: Impedance Is the Critical Measurement (Part 2 of the ongo

Whether your goal is to optimize system performance or to troubleshoot issues in distributed power systems, impedance measurement is an indispensable tool. That’s because there is a direct correlation between impedance, which is a highly observable characteristic, and two key measures of system performance: noise and stability. In this 10 minute video, Sandler discusses the value of impedance measurements and demonstrates their usefulness with two examples: one using vendor-supplied data for a voltage reference and another using ADS-generated data for a second-order control loop.

As Sandler explains, analysis based on impedance measurements can more thoroughly assess control loop stability than Bode plot measurements, and can do so more conveniently for control loops that are hard-to-access in system, and for devices (like some voltage regulators) that do not allow access to the feedback path. This video is part 2 of an ongoing series.

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