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This Misconception About Power Integrity Can Cost You Big

Many power supply engineers mistakenly believe that power integrity (PI) is mainly a system-level issue and not a concern for the power supply design. But the reality is very different. If you’re developing power solutions while working under this misconception, the resulting problems can be both hard to find and intractable to fix. When power integrity problems occur, they can cost your company big bucks and significant schedule delays. Ignoring PI issues when developing voltage regulators or when designing them into systems can lead to malfunctioning designs, time consuming design iterations and board spins to fix problems, stoppages in production, and other costly scenarios. These problems can be avoided if designers of voltage regulators, designers of the power distribution networks (PDNs) that carry the power and designers of the circuits that use the power take time to consider the impact that these power generating circuits will have on PI in the intended applications.

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