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Power Integrity Webinar: Challenges, Best Practices and Test Solutions for Sensitive Electronic Desi

In this webinar sponsored by Rohde & Schwarz, we will be discussing power integrity issues, root causes and countermeasures in sensitive electronic designs. Demonstrating best design & test practices and solutions we will be supporting electronic design engineers effectively and efficiently powering their devices and systems. Measurements in the time & frequency domains provide detailed insights in the design verification.

Attendees will be learning the impact of noise, jitter, impedance etc. and examples to detect those sources of power integrity failures. We will be discussing methods to reduce respectively compensate those sources and demonstrating oscilloscope and vector network analyzer solutions engineers benefit from for their design verification.

In this webinar, you will learn about:

  1. power integrity issues, root causes, and countermeasures in sensitive electronic designs

  2. demonstrating best design and test practices

  3. impact of noise, jitter, impedance etc

Speaker: Steven Sandler, CEO of Picotest Andreas Ibl, Product Manager Oscilloscopes at Rohde & Schwarz Andrea D’Aquino, Product Manager Network Analysis at Rohde & Schwarz

CLICK HERE to watch on demand!

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