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Power Integrity Boot camp – Santa Clara 5/24 – Keysight and Picotest

Power integrity is important to the entire system performance and consists of much more than power distribution noise. Keysight has teamed together with Power Integrity expert Steven Sandler of Picotest to bring this limited seating workshop to Santa Clara.  The workshop provides an understanding of power integrity, why it is important, how to design for it, and it teaches techniques for high-fidelity simulation, analysis and measurement. The goal is to enable you to better isolate, troubleshoot, and optimize power related issues.  In this workshop, hands-on labs let the attendees explore voltage regulator module (VRM) state-space averaged model simulations, PCB EM simulations, and the VNA 2-port shunt through impedance measurements for low noise flat Z designs.

Key Take Aways:

  1. What is Power Integrity?

  2. Why a design should have flat power rail impedance.

  3. How to select a VRM

Part 2: Case Study in Designing for Power Integrity

  1. What a VRM characterization board should look like.

  2. Why EM simulation of the PCB is needed for PI.

  3. How to optimize the decoupling capacitors.

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