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FAQ #28: Who uses the Bode 100 network analyzer?

The Bode is used in many industries including Military, Space, Medical and commercial.  NASA, Ball Aerospace, Boeing, Lockheed and ESA are among our high tech customers.  W.L Gore uses it to measure their cables.  The Israeli Air Force checks the skins of their fighter planes with Bode 100’s and large grocery chains use them to measure ripeness of fruit (really).  Medical research centers use our equipment to measure proteins and also high performance computer systems.   Most of the semiconductor companies have our equipment including TI, Linear Tech, Maxim and Micrel to name a few.  Vicor has our equipment, Atmel has our equipment and many universities have our equipment.  Cable TV companies use it to look for breaks in their underground cables. We have customers in 42 countries and in a wide diversity of industries.  We have customers that are design engineers, field application engineers, system engineers and many non-engineers, such as researchers, educators and even a few hobbyists.  Our customers use our equipment for incoming inspection and for service calls, for design verification and for reviewing the work of subcontractors.  You name it and there is a place for our equipment.

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