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Troubleshooting EMI: Use Versatile Instrument And Preamp To Search For Embedded Noise

Most engineers do not have convenient access to the equipment necessary for electromagnetic compliance (EMC) or electromagnetic interference (EMI) testing. Certified test labs, while readily available, and necessary for conformance testing, are a very expensive solution for troubleshooting EMI/EMC issues that ought to be addressed during product development. In this video, Steve Sandler demonstrates a test-setup that may be used to troubleshoot EMI during product design and development using readily accessible test equipment.

While these same tests may be performed with various test instruments, two of the instruments selected for use in this demo—the LeCroy Waverunner 610Zi oscilloscope with built-in spectrum analyzer and the Picotest J2180A preamp—offer a mix of performance, versatility, and cost that justifies their use in these measurements. Watch the video or Read the full story…

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