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Tektronix Webinar: Scope Based Power Integrity and Power Electronics for Mixed Signal Applications

With Steve Sandler, Picotest Managing Director and Tony Ambrose, Tektronix Field Applications Engineer

Available on demand Duration: 42 minutes

CLICK HERE to register today!

By attending this webinar, you will learn about the major noise sources in a mixed signal application and how to use a Tektronix MSO5 or MSO6 series scope along with Picotest accessories to:

  • Accurately measure (2-port/3-port) impedance of a Power Distribution Network and its sub-systems

  • Perform DC Biased Inductor measurements

  • Measure Dynamic step load response

  • Analyze high frequency complex ripple in the presence of low tolerance DC Power rails

  • Automate time sequencing testing for multiple rails simultaneously

  • Analyze 3 phase motors with 8 channels

  • Make optically isolated differential measurements with high CMRR

  • Perform many other critical tasks such as TIE Jitter, Frequency Response, and TDR

  • Perform various VNA functions

CLICK HERE to register today!


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