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Picotest P2102A 2-Port Probe Calibration with the Copper Mountain VNA

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

This video looks at how to perform a full calibration on the Copper Mountain Compact 2-port VNA using the Picotest P2102A 2-port probe and the P2100A-CAL calibration board that comes with the probe. The Copper Mountain VNA is the ideal benchtop 2-port wide bandwidth network analyzer for power integrity type measurements. Proper Cal-Kit setup and a full S-O-L-T probe calibration is demonstrated. A sample output impedance measurement of the LM20143B VRM Demo Board is made using the P2102A browser probe which is perfect for measuring the stability and impedance of your power rails.

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Click here to download the cal kit file for the P2100A-CAL board or email

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