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PDN Basics For Power Designers: What is PDN? (Part one of the video series.)

In modern electronic systems, the performance of FPGAs, CPUs, and other high-speed logic devices depends on the power distribution networks or PDNs that power these devices. Within these PDNs, power converters in the form of point-of-load regulators (POLs), voltage regulator modules (VRMs), dc-dc converters, and linear regulators play a crucial role. Yet, many engineers who develop these power converters may be unfamiliar with PDN concepts and how power converters affect PDN and system performance. In this three-part video series, Steve Sandler introduces three basic PDN concepts that developers of board-level power solutions need to understand.

Part 1: What’s A PDN. In this 4-min. video, Steve explains what PDNs are and why they matter, particularly to developers of POLs and VRMs.

Click here to watch the video…

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