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Effectively Using the EM-6992 Near Field Probe Kit to Troubleshoot EMI Issues


The EM-6992 Probe Kit includes three magnetic (H) field and two electric (E) field passive, near-field probes and an extension handle designed to locate sources of EM emissions. Near-field probes are an essential tool for quick and efficient location of EMI sources that might result in compliance issues. The probes can be used with any spectrum analyzer or oscilloscope. Pairing the probes with the J2180A wideband preamplifier improves the sensitivity and noise floor of the measurements.

Using near-field probes and an oscilloscope you can:

  1. Identify the source and location of a radiation source.

  2. Identify characteristics of the EMI signals that can be used in far field compliance testing to determine the signal sources.

  3. Reduce expensive EMI lab test time by pre-screening.

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