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EDI CON Online 2021

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

Technical Session Available on demand

The Influence of Connectivity on Low Impedance Measurements Presented by: Steven M Sandler, Managing Director, Picotest Abstract: Engineers connect a VNA to a circuit board for low-impedance measurements using a variety of methods. These methods primarily include connectors, probes, and soldered pigtails. Each of these methods has advantages and disadvantages, and no one solution is best in all cases. In this session both qualitative and quantitative assessments are presented for each method, highlighting the limitations, and providing tips to optimize the measurement accuracy. In addition to connectivity on the probe side of the measurement, the PCB side is also considered and several options for connectivity are presented.

Technical Session Available on demand

Partial Inductance – The Secret to Correlating Simulation and Measurement Presented by: Benjamin Dannan, Staff Digital Engineer, Northrop Grumman, and Steve Sandler, Managing Director, Picotest Abstract: There’s confusion about the measurement of capacitors, and particularly the series inductance or ESL. Different manufacturers calibrate or de-embed their measurement differently, making it difficult to compare one vendor to another. The differences between these measurements represent different locations of the measurement reference plane. When correlating EM simulation and measurement results, where should the reference plane be for the capacitor measurement? Why does the target impedance measurement show much higher inductance than the simulator? Why do some experts recommend measuring impedance from both sides of the PCB and not just one side? In this session, Steve Sandler, Heidi Barnes and I will provide analysis that answers all of these questions and more!


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