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Webinar: Best Practices for Interpreting Power Integrity Measurements

Signal Integrity Webinar Series

Duration:  1 hour, 1 minute (Available On Demand)

Presented By:  Steve Sandler, Founder of Picotest

Sponsored by:  Tektronix


Modern electronics, from automotive to Internet of things, and everything in between, present many power integrity challenges. The performance of the high-speed circuits, including reference clocks, LNAs and transceivers, is dependent on power supply noise. This webinar provides expert advice on the best methodologies for performing low noise measurements as well as explains how to identify and correct power-supply related issues.

Presenter Bio:

Steve Sandler has been involved with power system engineering for nearly 40 years. The founder and CEO of, a company specializing in instruments and accessories for high-performance power system and distributed system testing, Steve is also the founder of AEi Systems, a company that specializes in worst-case circuit analysis for high-reliability industries. Steve also serves as a member of Signal Integrity Journal’s editorial advisory board.

CLICK HERE to watch on demand!

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