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Steve Sandler Interviews Heidi Barnes at DesignCon 2019

Steve: Tell me what is the biggest thing you think you’ve learned being here at DesignCon this year? What was the biggest thing that you would take away from it?

Heidi: It’s awesome. Every year I come back. I see bootcamps with over a hundred and 20 people all working on simulations and listening to lectures on power integrity. But it also stimulates me to remember things I’ve learned in the past and it really highlights the important ones. We had a paper on fixture removal and I was reminding myself about how I love the unknown through calibration in order to get really stable, reliable calibrations and with power integrity. There’s a two-port shut impedance measurement and I get to do a lot of those here at DesignCon. I demonstrate to customers and people that are interested in listening.

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