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FREE Webinar: GaN for DC to DC Converters and Voltage Regulators

Title:  GaN for DC to DC Converters and Voltage Regulators

Date:  August 28, 2018

Time:  8am PT/ 11am ET

Presented By:  Steve Sandler, Picotest

Sponsored by:  Rohde & Schwarz


Alex Lidow stated that for the first time in 60 years, we have a semiconductor that outperforms silicon in every metric.  This is a bold statement, especially considering that Alex Lidow also co-invented the silicon HEXFET that is the technology that is being displaced by GaN.

GaN offers many advantages compared to silicon MOSFETS, including smaller size, lower on state resistance, more stable gate voltage, much lower capacitance resulting in higher speed, lower inductance connection inductance and manufacturable using existing silicon wafer fabs and the promise of lower cost.

With all of these benefits, mass adoption should be instantaneous, right?  Yet, engineers are slow to change, in part due to a lack of credible information and in part due to fear of the unknown.  In this webinar we’ll answer these important questions, provide the essential information you need and allay your fears:

  1. Why all the fuss about GaN?

  2. Should I really be interested and HOW interested?

  3. Can we just replace the Si devices with GaN devices?

  4. What are the pros, cons and some of the pitfalls?

  5. What topologies are best suited to GaN?

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