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Bode Plots are Overrated

Control loop stability is critically important. But whether your focus is on power supply design, power integrity, or mixed-signal power system design, the Bode plot probably isn’t going to provide you with reliable or optimum design guidance. The five major reasons why Bode plots are no longer sufficient is detailed in this article. Click here to read the entire article. #reference #phasemargin #gainmargin #ESR #j2110a #flatimpedance #J2101A #J2100A #J2113A #ddr #decoupling

Target Impedance and Rogue Waves

The target impedance concept has been used by the industry for a number of years. It is the basis of a simple and robust design process, but it assumes a smooth flat impedance profile. Looking out from the silicon, the impedance profile is never flat, which results in higher noise. Excitation patterns that can create the worst-case or almost-worst-case time-domain response of a power distribution network has gained a lot of interest in recent years. The peak value of the step

Flat Impedance in Voltage Regulator Modules

Today’s high speed systems require clean power under challenging conditions. Extremely fast current transients and high voltage stability require carefully designed power delivery. In this session, industry expert Steve Sandler will show how important it is to keep the impedance of a power system flat over a wide frequency range. Flat Impedance (4.96 MB Adobe PDF) Presentation Webinar Recording #flatimpedance #powerintegrity #ddr #vrts3 #capacitors #e5061b #bode100 #impedanc

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