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Nov 09, 2021
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We just bought VRTS 1.5 Demo Board and tried todo the bode plot for the output of the board , Figure1: shows the setup and everything is setup in accordance to the guidelines provide by siglent in the link below. Measuring Power Supply Control Loop Response with Bode Plot II - Siglent ( The issue is with the bode plot of channel2 , i am getting the following bode plot when i set switch 1 and 3 on . and get the following with switch 2and 3 on and the following with either all of or one of them on . I am not so sure about the bode plot and the switches because the closest i get to the given result (i.e., provided by siglent) is when i have switch 1 and 3 on and on the data sheet it says 1 is too high for Non-invasive Stability Measurement . So i am not sure if i am missing something out or the results i am getting are expected for the board under test. (*Note: i have checked my probes and and everything seems about right with the configuration of the bode plot and i am generating the wave internally)
VRTS.15 demo results error content media
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