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Oct 27, 2021
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We bought a couple of those B-Amp12 to boost the signal level for doing PDN measurements and I had a question about connections for the amp. The amp has connections for Ch1 and Ch2, If I connect those to the Omicron, how/where do I connect the other end of the P2102A probe? Does the Bode 100 SW recognize its there and let me turn up the signal to 25dbm? Do I need to Ch1 on the Omicron? I checked your website and was looking for a doc using the source power amp, but couldn’t find one. For doing cal during open a load I am guessing this really wouldn’t change the level since I have found that the max level the Omicron can handle when doing probe cal is around -7dbm, but this would give us considerably more dynamic range when it comes to a SHORT cal correct (which is the calibration that really matters measuring low impedance PDNs anyways?) Any help you can offer would be appreciated! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Steves Response: As a source power amp the Bode 100 output connects to the BAMP-12 Input and the BAMP-12 Output goes to your probe. There are uses for CH1 and CH2, but not needed for 2-port shunt through. The BAMP-12 doesn't communicate with the instrument, so you'll get 25dBm when the Bode 100 is at 13dBm. Yes, much better for the short calibration and for overcoming self generated VRM noise. Should generally get better SNR for low impedance measurements. Regards, Steve


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