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Load Regulation ΔVout/ΔIout and Output Impedance Zout

October 6, 2023

Published on Microwave

In Masashi’s latest installment of his ongoing blog series exploring Power Supply Ripple Rejection (PSRR), he takes a brief detour from PSRR investigations to shift his attention to another essential factor in voltage regulation: output impedance (ZOUT).


In this installment of our blog series about Power Supply Ripple Rejection, we’ll take a break and shift our focus from PSRR to output impedance ZOUT.

Before the 21st century, most voltage regulator datasheets started their electrical characteristics (EC) tables with two key parameters:

  • Line Regulation

  • Load Regulation

For example, the LM317 datasheet of the early days[1]started its electrical characteristic table with the values as seen in Table 1:

LM317 Specifications for load and line regulation

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